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In order to achieve the outlined intentions, the Computing curriculum is continuously reviewed through monitoring and evaluation by the Subject Leader. A high level of enthusiasm for the subject content and the expectations of the pupils are driven by the subject progression. The three areas within computing that we concentrate on are;

  • Computer Science – the understanding of coding and programming across a range of physical devices and digital resources.

  • Information Technology – the range of skills required to operate and manipulate specific programs, systems, and content.

  • Digital Literacy – the knowledge required to use technology safely and to evaluate and react to any potential risks of the online/digital world. 

The National Curriculum provides the basis for the progression, and we follow the scheme of work from Kapow Primary. We also participate in ‘Internet Safety Week’ in which each class is provided with age-appropriate assembly and tasks.
The implementation of Kapow Primary Computing ensures a broad and balanced coverage of the National Curriculum requirements, and our ‘Skills showcase’ units provide pupils with the opportunity to learn and apply transferable skills. Where meaningful, units have been created to link to other subjects such as science, art, and music to enable the development of further transferable skills and genuine cross-curricular learning. 
Lessons incorporate a range of teaching strategies from independent tasks, paired and group work, as well as unplugged and digital activities. This variety means that lessons are engaging and appeal to those with a variety of learning styles. Differentiated guidance is available for every lesson to ensure that all pupils can access lessons, and opportunities to stretch pupils’ learning are available when required. Knowledge organisers for each unit support pupils in building a foundation of factual knowledge by encouraging the recall of key facts and vocabulary. 
In our teaching of Computing, we endeavour to expose students to a variety of software, programs, and equipment in order to offer a range of appropriate challenges and experiences.

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