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The impact of our work in the Early Years at Handsworth is a happy, confident, socially and
emotionally literate child who understands what it is to belong to a learning community and values
themselves within that context.

Children in the Early Years see themselves as capable learners who have the skills and knowledge to
not only progress through school and life but centre themselves in the here and now and
understand the importance of their current learning.

Our school believes in supporting the individual child to succeed, and therefore children have close
relationships with practitioners and work in an objective-based way to succeed in their individual
curriculum targets. Any child who requires extra support will receive the help they need.

Formative assessment of children is done continuously throughout the year in the form of
observations, and termly summative assessments show children's progress throughout
the curriculum. At the end of the year, children will be assessed against the EYFS Curriculum Goals.

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