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Children’s journey in EYFS at Handsworth begins with home visits and a staggered start to ensure all
children develop secure attachments and feel comfortable and happy in our setting. Our home visits
establish strong links with parents and the local community, creating positive outcomes for our

In Nursery and Reception, we work mostly in continuous provision. This means children self-select
activities from a range of resources in our space to develop independence and a sense of ownership
of their work. Our provision covers all areas of the EYFS curriculum, so children get a well-rounded
experience. We also learn through whole carpet sessions and group work.

Phonics will be taught as a whole class carpet session initially and then streamed into groups later in
the year. Writing is taught in small groups, and reading sessions will take place 1:1 with your child
and an adult to give children quality and enriching interaction time with practitioners.

In EYFS, playing outdoors is an important part of our learning, and children can play

inside or outside at any point in the day. This develops many skills but is key for physical

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