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Image by Adolfo Félix


For each geography lesson, children are equipped with a knowledge organiser to support them in their topic. This includes visuals and key vocabulary to ensure that they have everything they need to succeed. Teachers share the Learning Objective and clear Success Criteria to enable children to know how to be successful in each lesson. Key geographical terms are also shared and referred to by teachers throughout the lesson. We use a variety of fieldwork trips to engage learners in the real-life aspects of geography. We want our children to be excited about the subject and to spark curiosity in practical learning. We use quizzing to check for understanding during each lesson, and assess understanding through monitoring books. We use pupil voice to find out how children are feeling about the subject and to ensure that their needs are being met within it. We challenge our children with thought provoking questions and themes about the world that they live in, and how we can have a positive impact upon it with the correct knowledge and understanding.

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