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At Handsworth Primary, we use a mastery approach to teaching Mathematics.  We use the mastery scheme, White Rose Maths, alongside other mastery resources to support our teaching of Maths. 

This approach is based upon the research from:

  • Bruner (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach),

  • Vygotsky (rich discussion & peer talk),

  • Piaget (thinking processes rather than outcomes)

  • Manipulatives (exploration before the structure and a variety of methods)

  • Skemp (making links).


Maths mastery recognises the value of creating a whole class journey where a concept is broken down into small learning steps. This inclusive approach allows our children to build secure foundations and make connections to other areas of maths, ensuring deep mathematical understanding, developing their resilience and becoming confident, curious and ambitious mathematicians. Pupils who grasp concepts quickly are challenged with rich, sophisticated problems within the topic. Those children who are not sufficiently fluent are provided additional support to consolidate their understanding before moving on. Our children receive feedback (verbal and active marking) during the lesson. Mini-plenaries and interventions are carried out where necessary to clarify misconceptions. Our children are provided with opportunities to correct errors. Progression in mathematics for all our children is essential, no matter what their starting point - through accurate assessment, high expectations and quality teaching, pupils at Handsworth can realise their mathematical potential. Cross-curricular links are made where possible, particularly in science and through technology. We actively promote opportunities to explore diverse mathematical role models and cultures amongst staff and children.

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